Products and Services

TEQSOL SERVICES has been formed to develop, operate and provide telecommunication infrastructure, Civil Turnkey Solutions, Telecom Network Roll-out, System Integration and Services for RF transmission of mobile communication.

Our aim is to support the deployment and operation & maintenance of

telecommunication networks. Our Services include civil work, electrical works and Installation and Maintenance of Wireless Equipments, supply of Passive infrastructure materials. We also design and supply of masts and towers and the implementation of Cellular Networks.

TEQSOL SERVICES provides integrated and evolutionary network and infrastructure management strategies that effectively manage legacy and future network technologies. We offer our customers a powerful partner uniquely positioned to deliver next generation communications solutions that promise to change and strengthen the way customers conduct their business.

Telecom Infrastructure:

TEQSOL SERVICES provides a vast range of communication and Infrastructure products ranging from Site Acquisition to Site deployment solutions. The following services are offered in this category:

  • Site Survey
  • Site acquisition and Liaoning
  • Soil Testing
  • Municipal permissions and Liaoning
  • Telecom tower Design
  • Civil and Structural Design
  • Foundation design for Ground Based Tower (GBT) and RTP/RTT sites
  • Electrical & electromechanical Design
  • Electrical Works including Earth pits and Main power Supply
  • Supply and installation of o Transformers and voltage Regulators o Generator sets and Fuel tanks o Renewable Energy system o Rectifiers and PIU’s o Backups system and battery banks o Air conditioner units.
  • Electricity Board (EB) Liaoning.

service and installation experience is reflected in the offering of rapid deployment solutions such as the Mobile Communications Unit and Quick site, plus the associated equipment of wireless installation components and feeders and accessories. TEQSOL SERVICES In-Building Solutions knowledge brings an increasing choice of In-Building System Components to our clients.

In addition to product design and manufacturing capability, TEQSOL SERVICES offers a product recommendation and procurement service. This specification and procurement service of complimentary equipment significantly reduces client expenditure, waste and time to market. Our Communication and Infrastructure experience combined with our buying power, enables us to offer technology leading products in a vendor neutral setting for an expanding range of products, such as tower mounted amplifiers. TEQSOL SERVICES are able to provide geotechnical surveys, soil analysis, foundation design and existing structure design check/analysis.  Our experienced team of site engineers will visit a build location to advice on Risk Assessments and create Method Statements for specific tasks.  Full installation/erection or an installation supervision service only is available.

BTS Installation:

  • Installation and Commissioning of GSM / CDMA BTS Equipments.
  • Installation, Commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops.
  • Installation of WiMAX or Wi-Fi equipment
  • Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of broad band radios, Surveillance Cameras and Security System Equipments.
  • Provision of Resource Engineers for Installation & Commissioning of BTS / BSC / MSC / MW / equipment’s of Nokia Siemens / Alcatel-Lucent / Ericsson / ZTE / Huawei / NEC / NERA / ECI etc.,  BTS & M/W inventory list with product serial numbers.
  • Final Site Layout drawing & As-built drawings.
  • Site inventory list with all equipment serial numbers.

Operation and Maintenance Services:

1 BTS Cell Site Maintenance

Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown maintenance of the Electrical equipment’s in the Cell Sites.

Scope covers the measurements and necessary corrective actions as mentioned below: –

  • Radiation Power Measurement
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Measurement for RF feeder cables
  • Verification and correction of connections of RF / IF cables
  • Validation of antennae orientations and correction if any required
  • Verification, upgradation / replacement of cards / devises
  • Firmware / hardware modification for cards / devises locally

2 Infra Maintenance

  • We will perform audit and will certify that the Telecom Infrastructure is built as per designs. In case of deviations the same will be highlighted.
  • Verification and correction of all the fit outs of the Cells Sites to maintain the desired design parameters.
  • Reporting the list of deviation along with redline drawings.
  • Verification of copper LA, cable lugs connections and terminations and their correction.
  • Site Inspections in regular intervals and identification and correction of any deviations.
  • Apart from riggers qualified supervisor will ensure work is done to high quality

3.Tower Maintenance: Scope of Work for Tower Maintenance

Sr No. Item Work Involved
1 Aviation Lamp Checking of Aviation Lamp
2 Feeder & power cables between

RR station & Tower

Checking cables and couplings for breakage, loose fittings, other faults and replacing /rectifying the


3 Antenna Checking for any possible antenna faults, dismounting if faulty and mounting the repaired

new antenna

4 Antenna Alignment Checking for Antenna misalignment and correcting the same
5 Physical checking of

Telecom Towers

Checking of correct torque of nut bolts & replacing if any faulty

4. Diesel Filling, Electricity Bill and Rent Payments

  • We will provide Diesel Fillers so as to ensure the available 70% of HSD in the DG tank at any point of time
  • Proper Co-ordination with EB (Electricity Board) for timely collection of Electricity bills, Collection of payments for the same from the customer’s office and timely deposit of the payments at the respective EBs
  • The same activity will be carried out for rent payments if any tenants

5. Deployment of Resources

We deploy skilled Electrical, Electronic Technicians as per the Customer Requirements

6.  Drive Test Abroad

We have carried out the CQT Test, Cluster, 4G 3G and SSV projects in Sri Lanka for ZTE