Network Planning

TEQSOL SERVICES has a team of dedicated engineers who are skilled to handle the activities of

Network Planning and Optimization. Various Projects that Teqsol services covers under Network Planning Are Turnkey Project for Network Roll-out


RF Surveys – To determine the location of new sites to be installed for cellular operators.

LOS Surveys – To determine the connectivity of new sites to the existing network. EMF Surveys – To ensure that radiation by Cell site antennas is within the guidelines specified by ICNIRP.

Audit / Physical Surveys – To ensure that the actual physical conditions at a site are regularly captured and databases update this can help for Nominal Planning on the Planning Tool.

  • SSV (Single site verification) Drive test with Single mode and dual mode (2g,3g & 4g)
  • Cluster Drive – Drive test with simultaneously Auto mode (2G,3G & 4G) of both operator (Hutch & Etisalat Sri Lanka)
  • CQT Testing – Cell Quality test of Individual operators after Cutover sites.
  • IBS site Testing- Walk test Drive In building Service
  • RF Survey- All the RF data collecting of existing sites .
  • Work closely with other RF Related work and to optimize the overall wireless communication system performance