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    Teqsol Services Radio Network Optimization for youth generation

About Us

TEQSOL SERVICES is involved in development and services for Commercial Telecom. It establishes in year 2014 in Mumbai (India). TEQSOL SERVICES is doing telecom business in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Gujarat Haryana, Delhi with various clients and abroad also.
TEQSOL SERVICES Radio Technology, the flagship company, focusses on the commercial telecom market and has slew of cost effective products for network improvement /optimization. TEQSOL SERVICES Radio Technology provides the full range of Active (RF Repeaters, Line and Tower Mount Amplifiers for 2G ,3G and 4G technologies) and Passive Solutions (Filters, Combiners, Diplexers, Triplexers and Duplexers for LTE, 3G, 2G technologies).
TEQSOL SERVICES provides services for Network Audit, Network Optimization, Installation and Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance and In-Building Solutions.

Network Planning

Network Planning

TEQSOL SERVICES has a team of dedicated engineers who are skilled to handle the activities of Network Planning and Optimization.

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Network Optimization

Network Optimization

TEQSOL SERVICES executes various projects on Network Optimization which includes Improvement in Key Performance Indicators

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In-Building Solutions (IBS)

In-Building Solutions (IBS)

In-Building Solution is a key activity to provide Network Coverage inside important buildings like Airports, Hotels,

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Manpower Supply (BSS, DT, Optimization, Survey engineers).

TEQSOL SERVICES regularly supplies trained engineers to customers for executing various activities under the outsourcing model as well as external recruitments in MNC companies.
The engineers are absorbed by the major Cellular Services Operators or OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in various job profiles like BSS. O and M engineers, Drive Test Engineer, Optimization Engineer, Survey Engineer, Project Engineers.

Consulting services

TEQSOL SERVICES believes that good work needs great efforts and dedication, and hence hand-picked each team member who is skilled in area of his expertise. TEQSOL SERVICES will just not deliver, it will surpass all the customer expectations by far and looks forward to a long standing business partnership. Our consulting services include planning, design, deploy, develop, integrate, maintain, manage, monitor, support and optimize communication.

Network traffic analysis; cable plant certification and documentation; end-user interviews; documentation of network devices and network-related software; application analysis; security audit and assessment; network application readiness assessment; enterprise management requirements assessment.

Requirements analysis and design; capacity planning; technology and component selection; network security planning and policy development; network architecture design; process/operating model design; staffing plan development; service level agreement design.

Product acquisition support; staging and configuration; moves, adds, and changes coordination; project management and coordination; hardware and software installation.

Multi-tier network help desk and end-user support; problem resolution; network fine tuning; change control; ongoing fault, performance, and security monitoring; systems administration; network penetration testing; staff training.

Physical plant problems; multi-vendor integration issues; routing problems; security and connectivity problems; performance troubleshooting.

TEQSOL SERVICES has succeeded in bringing key skills together to enhance the prospects of site acquisition in areas where environmental issues are providing cause for concern.

The explosion and continuing expansion of cellular networks has been brought into stark conflict with the increasing sensitivity amongst local authorities and residents about the proliferation of cellular sites.

TEQSOL SERVICES recognizes the need to:

  • Satisfy the requirement for network expansion and enhancement
  • Take into account the local environment in the environs of each site
  • Facilitate the use of sensitive locations
  • Construct sites with the minimum disruption to the locality  Find methods of improving the appearance of cellular sites.

TEQSOL SERVICES aims to achieve best Radio Performance, by eliminating teething issues of networking.

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